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If you have an idea that won’t leave you alone, that means that there’s a story that wants to come through you.

I'm looking for the people who take this call seriously.

Whether you're a TV showrunner looking to break out of the box and finally write a pilot in your own voice, a pro screenwriter working on a passion spec, an author stuck in the weeds on your third book; whether you're an actor who’s been brewing a solo show or webseries forever but don’t know how to translate what you know about story onto the page; or whether you've never written before, but you have an idea that will not leave you alone--I'm on board to help you craft that idea into radically impactful story.  

Story transforms. 

It changes us.

And with it, you have the power to impact your world.

My process, developed in the laboratory of my own work, my work as a professor at the Juilliard School and the NYU/Tisch Graduate Film Program, and through more than ten years as a coach to professional playwrights, Sundance-supported filmmakers, authors published by major houses, and TV, film and Broadway actors, provides a foolproof and infallible map for creating story that moves, illuminates, and transforms. My methodology, grounded in neuroscience, human psychology, creative productivity, and the art and craft of story, will help you powerfully affect audiences, level up to massive new creative manifestation-- and break through fears, blocks and resistance to keep creating no matter what. 

Jessica is a galvanizing force, a badass who knows when to lead and when to listen, a magician and a midwife. When you’re ready to shift from creative to creator, call Jessica.
— Erik Liberman, playwright, screenwriter, actor (Broadway's WAR PAINT; Broadway's LOVEMUSIK; HBO's VINYL, SHOWTIME's THE KNICK)


  • expertise drawn from nearly two decades' experience in the professional worlds of film, TV, theater, fiction and nonfiction

  • specific, knowledgeable guidance navigating the creative process.... from someone who's been there!

  • accountability, goals, and step-by-step processes

  • deep, consistent creative support

  • an unflinching eye and diamond-sharp feedback

  • practical tools tailored to your unique needs as a creator

  • empathic, attuned attention to your process and work




nine months

In this in-depth, beginning-to-end process, we will work through every step in the creation of your project.  

This is my most powerful offering.

Whether you’re an experienced professional or a first-time writer, I will guide you through the process of developing, building, creating and finishing your project--using my foolproof, step-by-step methodology. 

We will work, step by step, to overhaul your project or create your script or manuscript from scratch, forging a powerful, watertight story structure, grounded in character, that will have a transformative impact on your audience.  Along the way, I'll work with all the blocks, doubts, and questions that come up for you, supporting you fully in your creative process.  Together, we'll create a reliable, flexible, and consistent creative practice that works with your life, and doesn’t evaporate when the process gets challenging.

We'll work closely over nine months to catalyze your creative process and build, craft and refine your story. You'll emerge from our work inspired and empowered, with a finished script or manuscript that is powerful, elegant and compelling---and a concrete methodology you can use to create impactful and beautifully structured story in all your future projects.

  • support in developing creative courage and taking risks in your work

  • step-by-step guidance, detailed feedback and support through every stage of the process of creating your script or manuscript, including idea development, character development, story mapping, structure, outline, drafts and polish

  • dedicated career strategy to maximize your relationships and map your project’s pathway to marketplace, audience and maximum impact

  • Session every other week

  • email access between sessions

  • customized toolkit to build a creative habit that works with your life

  • personalized tips, techniques and strategies to deal with the inner critic, resistance, blocks and fears that inevitably arise in the creative process

Jessica is the Michael Jordan of story analysis.
She takes you on a journey deep into your characters, and shows you how to weave that journey into the DNA of the story you’re trying to tell. Her process doesn’t feel like work. She’s fun, she’s funny, she’s brilliant. Your script will thank you for her.
— Barry O'Brien, Executive Producer: CSI:MIAMI, THE FOLLOWING, TOUCH, CASTLE, co-creator of HANNAH MONTANA
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three months

Do you have a draft that needs an in-depth overhaul? Are you halfway through your project, stuck, and need a path forward? Do you have an idea, but need a catalyst to start and a clear plan for action

I will work with you to refine and develop your idea, hone in on the core of the story, and craft what I believe is the engine of all effective storytelling: a protagonist who is three-dimensional, complex, and fully realized. We will look at how character determines story structure, and how to use it to make compelling choices about plot and story. Then, we'll work together to craft a watertight structure and translate it into outline form, creating a powerful springboard that will make the steps of scripting and drafting your project easy.

Along the way, we'll look at the blocks, doubts, and questions that come up for you, and I'll personalize techniques to help you tackle resistance, “stuckness” and the inner critic. Together, we'll design a reliable, flexible, and consistent creative practice that works with your life--and doesn’t evaporate when the process gets challenging.

You will leave our work together unblocked, having made vast strides forward in upleveling your story and getting your project on track with incredible momentum.  

  • deep work in character-based story construction, character design, and character ecosystems, to create a powerful foundation and framework to build out your project

  • customized tools to break through blocks and resistance and build a creative habit that works with your life

  • a clear plan and action steps for finishing your project: a detailed and failsafe story structure, a clear path to your first draft, and a toolkit you can rely on as you move through the rewrite process and take your work out into the world.

  • Initial close read of your project-in-progress, or in-depth development of your idea

  • detailed diagnostics about how to uplevel, advance and elevate your project

  • Session every other week

  • email access between sessions

  • customized action steps and homework

I am not exaggerating when I say that working with Jessica changed my life. She transformed my approach to writing and as a result, the writing itself . . . She is the best kind of teacher because she helps you figure out for yourself what you want to achieve and how to get there - rather than dictating the what or how as so many teachers do.
— Sara Alize Cross, filmmaker (2017 fellow, HBO Access Writing Fellowship; finalist, PAGE International Screenwriting Awards; recipient, Jack Oakie Comedy Fellowship and Jeffery Jones Scholarship for Screenwriting)


six weeks

This package is all about catalyzing your process. We will zero in on where you're starting, hone in on the core of your story and start at the source: crafting a protagonist who is three-dimensional, complex, and fully realized.  

Then we'll identify which steps of my methodology for character-based story structure will strengthen and advance your project specifically, personalizing exercises and techniques to the unique needs of your particular story.  We will ignite, inspire and brainstorm, busting through any blocks to powerful forward motion, and then we'll map out a plan for moving forward. You'll leave our work together with a failsafe and detailed plan to structure your story and a toolkit you can rely on as you move through the process.

We will also look at your creative process, personalizing tools to help you increase your creative productivity and create a reliable, flexible, and consistent creative practice.

  • Detailed feedback on writing and homework assignments

  • Identification of obstacles to creative productivity and customized tools to break through blocks and resistance

  • Personalized toolkit for building a reliable, consistent creative habit that works with your life

  • A clear plan and action steps for writing and finishing your project

  • Initial close read of your project-in-progress or deep dive into idea development

  • Detailed diagnostics about how to uplevel, advance and elevate your project

  • Session every other week

  • Customized action steps and homework

Jessica is an incredibly smart and insightful coach. She’s whip-smart and asks all the right questions, getting to the heart of what I’m working on to help me pull forth the strongest, most interesting parts. Her keen eyes are incredibly useful in developing new work, and she always pushes me to probe deeper. She is, quite simply, the best.
— Ted Malawer, Staff Writer, NBC's RISE, Playwriting Fellow: Juilliard School, author (several novels with Random House, Penguin and Running Press)

script diagnosis

Do you have an existing script that needs a deep, close read and honest, clear, industry-caliber diagnostics? Tired of the typical “coverage” or “notes” reads that give you surface-level critique but no deep, actionable feedback on how to uplevel your story?  I will read your script or manuscript closely, looking to the core of your story, the essence of your central character journey, and the deep structure underlying your plot. I'll offer incisive diagnostics on how to strengthen and distill your vision, dimensionalize and deepen your characters, and identify what structural questions need addressing to maximize your project’s impact.

  • Structure development and character-building tools

  • Professional-level recommendations to serve you on the path forward

  • Close read of your script

  • Session with detailed diagnostics on character, journey, pacing, tension, and structure

Jessica has a unique understanding of how artists tick and she mines an individual’s best traits to bring out the most dynamic and exciting work possible. She creates an encouraging and supportive environment to work in, making you feel free to take chances, explore and find your way. The tools she provides have enriched my work with honesty, excitement and passion.
— Omar Koury, actor, JESUS' SON, THE BLACKLIST

ready to make it happen?

I'm looking for commitment. Not to me- to the sacredness of your creative process, and to answering the call of story. 

I believe that if you're feeling that call, your story has the potential to impact, move, and transform

You don’t have to know how the impact will happen. You don’t have to even totally believe that it will happen (yet!) You just have to have the spark that resonates with what I’m saying, the call to tell the story, and the willingness to step out on faith and do the work.

Are you ready to make radically impactful, exquisitely crafted work?