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Are you looking for inspiring, supercharged creative community? Powerful guidance to accelerate your process? A tight-knit group of creators and allies?  My facilitated group work will ignite, energize, and massively uplevel your creative output in a dynamic, collaborative environment.

In my masterminds, I show up with powerful leadership that's grounded in exquisite sensitivity to your individual strengths, trouble spots, and way of working--and years of experience creating collaborative space to unlock and nourish your unique vision and excellence.  My masterminds facilitate breakthroughs, enable you to manifest projects that have been germinating for years, understand and dissolve blocks to radically effective action, open up possibilities beyond the bounds of your imagination, and root your vision in powerful, consistent actions through individualized coaching and accountability.

Jessica Blank is a coaching ninja. She has an innate ability to see what you need and offer it with pinpoint precision that cuts straight through to the heart of your desire. While her no b.s. approach sweeps away all you don’t need (including the things you might want to hold on to) her counsel is given with such grace and love, she’s the person you want holding your hand as you step into the vast void of your wildest dreams.
— Margaret Nichols, meditation teacher, founder of Urban Oneness

creative badass mastermind 

This is a six week virtual mastermind for women and femmes who are seeking to realize a creative project, foreground your creativity, or unify disparate creative threads into a single vision.

This group of fierce femmes will make you a creative badass.

This course is for you if you are: a professional artist who is called to new forms and unsure how to integrate them into your current practice; a parent who has put aside a passion and is seeking to reintegrate it into her life; a creative hyphenate seeking to unify it all into a singular vision; a professional who’s always kept your creative work “private” and are ready to give it more bandwidth; or a working creative who has a major project that feels overwhelming and needs support and structure to get it moving.  

This incredibly powerful mastermind will centralize and uplevel your creative process, help you prioritize your own radical creativity and juice, and give you powerful support to reclaim and accelerate your vision.

We work on all levels- from deep visioning and desire work, to creative goal setting, to nuts and bolts of time management. I coach each person individually as part of the group, fostering deep intimacy and sparking connections between group members as you hear your own journeys echoed in each others’. We address all levels of creation, from the subtlest frequencies to our most practical daily habits, including laser and group coaching sessions, project development and activation, accountability check-ins, individualized homework, access to our private Facebook community, and more. 


registration currently closed- check back for future offerings!

Jessica is a creativity doula. She is tremendously gifted at helping others give birth to their creative ideas. She’s also a badass, strong woman who inspired me to embrace my voice and run with it. Working with Jessica renewed my confidence in my creative abilities.
— Donna Vivino (writer, Broadway actress: WICKED, LES MISERABLES)
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story ignition mastermind

This exclusive, intimate story circle meets once a month on Friday evenings in New York City.  All members are required to have a character-based work in progress--a screenplay, pilot, webseries, play, solo show, or novel (at any stage, including outline or treatment).  At each meeting, we randomly select one member for the “hot seat,” and I coach you on your project for 45 minutes.

This is not a writers’ workshop. You will receive feedback directly from me, including specific, precise diagnostics, collaborative development, concrete revision tools, and individualized, practical support with writer's block, goal setting, and navigating resistance. All mastermind members will gain knowledge, concrete tools, and insight on their projects from our laser coaching, and the final hour of each meeting will be open to questions from the group.


registration currently closed- check back for future offerings!

Jessica works with a powerful alchemy of intuition and intelligence. The way she listens and reflects back the truth in what you share, points out blind spots like no one I’ve ever met. She has an ability to hear what’s going on underneath your words, to point out thought patterns and offer healthy, effective ways to implement actionable assignments that change your unproductive patterns.
— -Nessa Norich, writer, director and performer