so....this is new!

what's up guys!

so five months ago, i decided to radically overhaul my practice

i've been chugging along for a bunch of years, writing plays and movies and TV and getting my projects put together and made, and acting and directing theater and directing movies and writing books; and my coaching practice grew organically out of all of that, and i've always just described it as, "i coach in all the things i do."

i'm a communicator, and i LOVE to talk (almost as much as i love to listen!) so if i can do it, i can teach it, and i love that process.

and for a lot of years, i had clients come to me through word-of-mouth, usually connected to my creative communities in New York and LA, and i was pretty casual about the whole thing, and just embraced whoever heard about me and showed up, while putting my elbow grease into making my own work and getting it produced.

but a few months ago i started feeling an urge toward something bigger.

anyone who's been around me for five minutes knows that i'm a total dork about story and social change. i've watched stories actually change people--like, for real, tangibly, not as some abstraction--and i've spent a lot of time figuring out how that process works, and i'm obsessed with it.  our world is totally overwhelming. crazy things are happening. reality is accelerating. we seem more intensely polarized all the time, and everything is speeding up, and it can feel a little freaky and overwhelming if you're invested in creating a world where we can sustain ourselves and and our communities and everyone can thrive. and people keep asking what do we do.  i know i'm asking myself that all the time.

there are a million possible answers to that, of course. but a bunch of years back, when i first started making stuff, i stumbled on one. and it works. story works. it creates change. and i'm not even talking about "political" story in particular (actually, a lot of that doesn't do what it sets out to do, and the reasons behind that are another post for another time.) i'm talking about the way story operates, as a phenomenon. when it's good. when it's well-made. it connects us. it connects us with each other and it connects us with ourselves and it connects us with our own inborn ability to evolve and transform. 

and i realized that we need more storytellers who really know how to do that. the world needs it. i need it. our culture needs it. we need healing, and we need connection, and we need evolution, and story is a tool that can facilitate those things.

so i thought what if i quit just running my mouth off about this stuff every time i find someone who's willing to listen, and i put it out there in a focused way.  what if i overhauled my practice so i can really go deep with people on this, so i can find the folks that really want to do it, that have a story they have to tell, that want to finish their project and make it great and make an impact.  

like: sure, i can help you tune up your script, but i'd rather go all the way through the process with you and get to the core of your story and tap into your innate excellence and help you make it fucking great. i'd rather tap into the thing you have always wanted to create that brings up tears when you even start talking about it because you want to make it so much, and midwife it into the world. 

because we need you

if you have a story that won't leave you alone, I believe the world needs it. and we need more and better storytellers, especially right now.  and i kept feeling the pull of that. i kept feeling itchy that i didn't have more opportunities to talk about this stuff, and more and more often i'd end a session with a client and feel like the work we were doing was this secret, that shouldn't be a secret. like we were going through this alchemical process that i totally believed in and it was kind of crazy that nobody knew about it. i had a full roster of clients in my previous model, but they all just sought me out via word of mouth and my community. and i knew this work could be happening with more people and its impact could be multiplied if i put some elbow grease into getting the word out.  

so I did this crazy thing and asked for help and started learning how to do this whole online model. which if you know me, you know is not really my temperament. i definitely lean more toward the "let the work speak for itself" and build through face-to-face community end of things. it's been weird and cool and outside my comfort zone. but i am really psyched about what I'm about to share with you.

in the coming weeks and months, this site (and my email list) is about to be a hub for some really awesome stuff. i'm making stuff that i can't wait to share with you, and a lot of it is gonna be free. i've got some incredible tools for creators cooking. (if you sign up anywhere on this site, you'll get em in your inbox--and not annoyingly often, i promise).

i'm also building a bunch of new relationships in the policy, thought leadership, and political worlds, speaking a lot more, and looking at new ways to put the power of story in the hands of people who are running for office, building NGOs and other initiatives, and working to create a more just world.  if that's something you do, and you want to connect, reach out.

the world is intense right now. and sometimes it can feel really fragmented. (the internet is weird). but we are all still human beings and we need to connect--like, more than ever. story is one of the most powerful tools we have to do that. and i'm super excited to be doing that a lot more, with you. 

Jessica Blank