the three keys to radically increase your bookings

and powerfully uplevel your auditions

Most actors want one thing: to book more work.  Maybe you’re already doing TV but you want to step up from co-star to guest star, or recurring to series regular. Maybe you want to work on bigger films, or you’re trying to crack Off-Broadway. But it’s all the same thing: you want to be fully engaged as an artist. You want to work to capacity, get lots of jobs that will stretch you, and fulfill your creative potential.

I believe that the secret to booking more is a lot deeper, more fun, and more creatively satisfying than most of what you hear out there.

My methodology is about you having an ABSOLUTE BLAST as an artist while transforming and upleveling your acting career. And it’s about reconnecting with your sacred power as a storyteller. And I want to share it with you—for free.

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